1. Your order starts as we select top quality leather that matches your specifications. Our leather comes in Premium Bonded Leather sheets and upgraded Top Grain Leather skins, not the left overs of other manufacturing processes.
  2. We select the cutting die for the selected tag style and use a hydraulic press to stamp the shapes out of the leather like a cookie cutter.
  3. Next we imprint the leather pieces prior to stitching. We use an imprinting machine that heats and lowers a metal die with your chosen imprint design on each leather piece.
  4. The tags are then stitched together with a special sewing machine with upgraded needles and thread.
  5. We gather the tags straps, buckles, keepers, ID, escort and glass inserts for assembly.
  6. The last stop is my desk where I verify the order is complete, packaged, weighed and shipped to you.

Porter Leather's Production and Assembly

​That is a lot to do in a normal 1 - 3 - day turn around, but we have lots of practice.

The First and Last Name of Leather

Porter Leather LLC